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Disney Hacks by MtM - Disneyland, Walt Disney World & Beyond!

May 31, 2021

Episode Description

On this week's show we dive deep into the history of one of Disney's most storied park. No park has transformed more in its life than Disney California Adventure. We go over what it was like on launch day, how it had the worst ever Disney attraction and how it evolved into something much better today.

Plus we'll discuss Disneyland news including when they will allow non-California residents, how the Disneyland Hotel is coming back with a refresh and when the Jungle Cruise returning. Plus Joe talks about Universal's mask rules and Disney indicates park pass reservations and virtual queues are here to stay. 

Episode Notes

4:07 - Avengers CAmpus

8:53 - Jungle Cruise updates

10:11 - Disneyland Hotel refurbishment

12:32 - Disney World social distancing changes

18:36 - Universal's updated mask policy

21:29 - Disneyland Paris updates

22:59 - The history of Disney's California Adventure

33:22 - Hollywood Pictures Backlot

37:26 - Condor Flats

42:30 - Paradise Pier

47:40 - Updating the park

52:09 - The California Adventure makeover!

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